This is perhaps the most exciting time and also the most challenging time to teach future journalists. As our field continues to evolve as part of the greatest revolution in communication technology since Gutenberg, I continually revise my syllabi and strive to prepare students to meet 21st century demands that will require them to apply sound journalistic principles of accuracy, fairness, and independence to new media forms.

In addition to educating students about these critically important enduring values of our profession, one must also instill in students the capacity to continually learn and adapt. While an education in journalism once largely meant emulating one’s mentors and learning a set of fundamental skills, the current generation will be part of the process of creating the future of news.

Courses and Materials

Glad to share course syllabi, websites and other materials for the courses I teach in entrepreneurial journalism, social media, reporting and mass communication theory.

Teaching Highlights

Some of the teaching accomplishments I’m most proud of, unique assignments, awards, projects with community partners, etc.

Teaching Philosophy

How I think about what we do, how and why.

Student Comments

Big thanks to my students for these unsolicited comments.