The reason I left the newsroom for a career in academia was because I believe we need more practical, applied research that can guide us toward creating journalism that is more equitable and inclusive and can sustain itself in today’s media landscape.

My research interests as thus lie in these main areas:

  • Helping news organizations understand how to adapt to an environment of continuous change. Theories of organizational culture and leadership can identify the barriers to change and how to overcome them.
  • Understanding the impact of social platforms on journalism and how they can help journalists do a better job reporting, promoting their content, and meaningfully engaging with the diverse communities they serve – and what risks to avoid.
  • Understanding the current landscape for engagement journalism and what practices and tools work best to create less transactional, more collaborative relationships with the communities we serve.

My book, Transforming Newsrooms, co-authored with Jonathan Groves, looks at organizational change and leadership in newsrooms and identifies some of the assumptions that can block leaders from executing on their plans.  It is based on extensive periods of observation and interviewing at news organizations such as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Christian Science Monitor. The book draws upon theories and research from outside of journalism, including from scholars that have looked at how other industries have dealt with disruption and what kinds of leadership qualities can facilitate or prevent transformation.

Publications and Conference Papers

A full listing of all articles I’ve published in academic journals and the trade press, as well as conference papers I’ve had accepted for presentation at conferences such as the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, the International Communication Association, and the International Symposium on Online Journalism.

Research Agenda and Highlights

Detailed description of my research interests and some highlights of my work.