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How can journalism survive and even thrive in whatever medium best engages readers?  That question is the main focus of my research efforts.

The reason I left the newsroom for a career in academia was because I believe we need more practical, applied research that can guide us toward sustainable newsrooms. I have no nostalgia for print or any other traditional media form, but I remain passionate about journalism.  We need to hold the powerful accountable, uncover truths, verify facts, tell stories, and bring communities together, now as ever, and the way to continue doing so and do it better is not by crying in our beer about what was lost in economic collapse, but by investigating new models and tools.

My research interests as thus lie in these main areas:

  • Helping news organizations understand how to adapt to an environment of continuous change. Theories of organizational culture and leadership can identify the barriers to change and how to overcome them.
  • Understanding what makes news startups succeed and what we can learn from tech entrepreneurs and design thinkers about creating a culture of experimentation and new products built for readers’ needs.
  • Looking at how new digital tools like social media allow journalists to do a better job reporting, promoting their content, and meaningfully engaging with the diverse communities they serve.

Publications and Conference Papers

A full listing of all articles I’ve published in academic journals and the trade press, as well as conference papers I’ve had accepted for presentation at conferences such as the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, the International Communication Association, and the International Symposium on Online Journalism.

Research Agenda and Highlights

Detailed description of my research interests and some highlights of my work.

Open Access

A list of open access journals in journalism and mass communication. Knowledge should be free and accessible!