Student Comments

Thanks to my students for all of these kind, unsolicited comments on my teaching. 

Newmark J-School at CUNY

“Thank you for being always so appreciative of what I do and all my efforts, for being such a champion for what we try to do. You changed my career and will always be that person in my life, the best mentor I’ve ever had.” – Sebastián Auyanet

“There is no one that deserves tenure more. Honestly, I can’t say enough things about Carrie. A leader, team player and advocate for community and journalists everywhere. You are the reason why I do what I do.” – Luis Echegaray

“Thank you for laying the seeds for my new life, Carrie. I feel like the Community Engagement class and your guidance put me on a path I’ve been trying to find my whole life. Thank you thank you thank you.” – Erica Anderson

“I loved being a part of the program and learning from you, Jeff and everyone who was a part of the engagement track at Newmark. I loved being challenged, encouraged to think critically, creatively and differently, and just experimenting — which is what many newsrooms are looking for!” – Angrej Singh

Class of 2022

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that joining the Engagement J Class of ’22 was one of the best decisions I ever could’ve made and that this program is truly so special. Thank you again. Your support means the world!” – Julia Capizzi

“Thank you, Carrie! It’s been such a joy to be a part of the engagement program, and to learn from and among folks with similar values. You might recall that I was torn about which j-school to attend back in summer 2021… I can now say, so confidently, that I’m so glad I chose the engagement program at CUNY. I feel like I’ve found a professional home of sorts! Thanks so much for your guidance and support over the past 18 months.” – Sarah Luft

” I really admire you and Jeff and your commitment to making long-term, positive change to the journalism industry. Thank you for your ongoing work! Hope to stay in touch.” – Charlene Freeman

“I appreciate it and am so glad I joined the program – I’m really enjoying it and feel very invigorated by the work. Looking forward to continuing working with you!” – Christine Loughran

“Being a part of your program was a privilege and one of the best experiences of my life. The twists and turns of pandemic life gave me a better perspective on the unpredictability of life that I think was the perfect accompaniment to a program about community than I could’ve expected going into it, and I believe I’m a better person and better journalist for it.” – Jake Wasserman

“Thank you so much, and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class this semester. Zoom classes are really tough but I always loved coming to our class for the conversation and especially for the people. I met so many amazing people this semester and I’m really so happy to be a part of our program. you and Jeff have been amazing motivators for me in terms of putting my work out there.” – Max Adler

“Thank you so much for all of this thoughtful feedback, and for all of your support this entire year. You’ve been a fantastic professor and mentor to each and every one of us throughout the program.You are the absolute best, Carrie, really. I can’t thank you enough.” – Ghita Benslimane

“Without your belief and investment in me, I could not be where I am today. Thank you.” – Simon Galperin

“Your encouragement and support is so incredibly appreciated. I wouldn’t be half the journalist I am today without having the opportunity to learn from you – thank you for every bit of time and energy you’ve given to myself and our entire class.” – Lena Camilletti

“Thank you much for your detailed feedback, always delivered with kindness. The whole master’s program has been such an incredible and wonderful ride. Perhaps, a long time coming for me. But then, I’m glad I waited to meet the right people, at the right time. You are one of them” – Tiziana Rinaldi


“Just wanted to tell you that I think you’re an amazing teacher, no matter how much work we do in your class. You are very lively and entertaining and I seriously believe that I will be taking a LOT out of your class. I am currently working on my memo, and as I write more and more about it, I realize that I have grown as a writer and a blogger. Even though it seems that I have not put my all into this class…not as much as I wanted….I want to let you know that I seriously enjoyed the class and what I have gotten out of it.” – Christina Holloway

“Thankful for @brizzyc [my Twitter handle] and her giving us demanding projects it truly makes me a better journalist.” – Joshua Bolden

“I really think you and Fischer prepared me well for PhD study. Some folks in my program are stressed out about writing a research proposal and I think to myself, but the one I wrote with y’all really helped me grow. So thanks for that.” – Guy Campbell

With student at Everywhere Else startup conference in 2013
With student at Everywhere Else startup conference in 2013

“FYI @brizzyc is the most amazing teacher and if you haven’t taken one of her classes yet, I highly suggest you do.” – Christina Holloway

“Today rocked, so glad I am taking your course!” – Brennan Somers

“@Brizzyc is the best teacher! I want to retake all of her classes!” – Beth Spencer

“I know now I didn’t do well in your class at all two semesters ago…I just wanted to say I am sorry for not doing my best in your class. I am coming to realize good teachers when I have them…Thank you though because a lot of the things you taught us in that class did stick with me. All in all, I just wanted to say thank you for being a great teacher.” – Barbara Riles

“Thanks for your help with this…and for the nomination…and getting us PUBLISHED…and making me write it…and suggesting the internship guarantee as a suitably juicy story idea…and all the other awesome stuff you’ve done. You’ve opened some really cool doors for me, and I appreciate it greatly.” – Amy Barnette

“Thank you so much for being an awesome professor. I had a great time in your class and really learned a lot. The meeting [at the Commercial Appeal] this morning really got me excited for everything else to come in my life of journalism. It may be simple, but it still had an impact on me. Thank you so much. I look forward to having you in the future.” – Christina Hessling

“Thanks for being an awesome teacher!” – Scott Hall

“I will miss your class!” – Sarah Valadie

“This class was really great. I apologize for all the times I was late, but I did make sure I wouldn’t miss any days unless I absolutely needed to because I liked the class so much. I learned a lot in this class and I really like how you made us create our own blog, it made me feel like a real journalist. I’m also glad that you were the teacher for this class. I really related to you when you said you started off in journalism kind of shy, which is where I am right now. So when I was doubting if I could make it as a journalist because I am shy right now, it was a great feeling to see someone else that was shy and still made it. Anyway, thanks for a great semester.” – Tiffany Neely

“I wanted to thank you for your guidance and wisdom in the whole process of me and the Audience Development Specialist position with the Commercial Appeal…I did give you a shout out and told them that it was within your class that my interest in sharing news via social media came about.” – Jessica Grammer

“I enjoyed your class. I learned so much.” – Daniel Wilkerson

“Thank you for being such a supportive teacher. Absolutely sincere.” – Sheifalika Bhatnagar

“I loved the chat today! I’m really enjoying this class, I just wanted to let ya know!” – Lauren Byrd

“A while back you sent us an email about an internship with Warner Bros. Well I got an email recently and they like my resume….I have a phone interview tomorrow! So…THANK YOU!”  — Jennifer Sadler

“Thank you so much for pushing us to find the best stories possible for our blog. The guy I interviewed for my final project recently sought me out and wants to interview me for the position of anti-genocide director. The most prestigious position Operation Broken Silence has to offer! Thank you for having us leave our comfort zone and making dreams come true.” – Jordan Moose

“Love for @brizzyc is well earned. She’s dragging Bluff City academia into the twitsphere.” –Doug Gillon

“#J4801 ending is sad because it’s the last time I’ll be formally educated by @brizzyc, who has taught me much in 4 years #salute #manythanks.” – Joe Fairbanks

“@Brizzyc…the professor who taught me to hone my investigative skills…so beneficial for when I make the few mistakes I do. Thx.” – Joshua Bolden

“First class I’ve even taken that felt like the prof really cared about the students! I’ll miss it.” – Nicole Blum

“Wow, can I tell you I used feedback you gave on my research paper last semester to write a much better one this semester?! #YouRock” – Monique Savage

“I feel lucky to have and to have had amazing, thoughtful, and thought-provoking professors, like @brizzyc just to name one. #NotBrownNosing….@brizzyc NEVER fails to make me laugh…wish all my classes were this great, interesting, and helpful.” – Lauren Hosford

“Thanks for letting me put you on my reference list. I wanted to update you and let you know that I got the internship! I’m so excited, and must may thanks for all the great things I learned and applied in your class that I know helped them pick me. So thanks again!” – Hannah Giles

“I wanted to thank you for the many MANY things you’ve taught me along the way. I had the amazing opportunity to interview with Google at their headquarters in Silicon Valley last week because a recruiter saw my profile on LinkedIn and reached out to me. I never even applied for the job. Coming from Memphis and trying to do big things was huge for me. Unfortunately I didn’t get the job, but I know that without your push in social media my LinkedIn profile wouldn’t be up and staked with keywords that a recruiter could find. So thank you….and hey, this is a good nod to one of your lessons. You never know who’s watching and what opportunities come because of social media.” – Jennifer Sadler

“You have a wonderful ability to clarify and energize and have definitely opened my eyes to a world I am so very glad I have entered. I cannot wait to have you as a ‘guest’ lecturer in one of my classes someday.” – Pam Avery

“If you will recall, I did an interview with an entrepreneur from Columbus, GA last semester in J7100 — I attached the word document. As a result of meeting him, I became intrigued with the non-profit he started via his company. Since our meeting, I applied to work as a volunteer (in editing and writing) and have been working with my first client — . It is an organization that helps returning veterans get the help and resources they need to reintegrate into civilian life. It was started by a veteran who suffered from alcohol & drug addiction after coming home…good stuff.  Just wanted you to be aware of the good networking that can emanate from your coursework.” – Pam Avery

“Yours and Lurene’s classes altered/aided my perspective on the world. Consider me signed, sealed, and delivered.” – Burton Bridges

“I wanted to let you know that I feel this class has been the most practical, real-world class that I have taken so far. I know I would have appreciated having these kind of concepts introduced at the undergraduate level since I was an independent contractor right out of college. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and would recommend to anyone with a journalism background!” – Bobbie Maynard

“Thank you, thank you, Dr. Brown! Once again you have introduced me to fabulous things! You have completely shaped my career path. I cannot express enough have grateful I am to you. I can’t wait to speak this Wednesday :)” – Joelle Pittman

“Dr. Brown, you have once again changed my life in a very positive way! I am the new Yelp Memphis Community Manager! I am very excited and would have never started using Yelp had it not been for your class. I get to write the Weekly Newsletter as well as plan events. It is the perfect job for me. :)” – Joelle Pittman

“I loved your class and I am using what I’ve learned in my job almost every day.. trying to get others aboard. One of my coworkers is anti social media .. it’s hard to argue with him too! Thank you for everything!     You were truly one of the best professors I’ve had.” – Nicole Amelio-Casper

“I was asked to speak to the Harris County Rotary Club – which I did yesterday morning – regarding what I’ve “been doing” since I “dropped out of sight” after parting ways with the newspaper group last spring. It was great…found myself talking about social media and “the revolution”…even quoted Mr. Shirky himself. They loved it…I saw their wheels turning. You would have been proud: my audience was indeed engaged.” – Pam Avery

“I know you are you’re just doing your job, but you’ve been a really big help, helping me make a huge step in my life. You have absolutely no idea!” – Briana Goode

“Thank you very much for all the feedback, compliments, critiques, encouragements and everything. I truly appreciate it and will take it all to heart and apply extra work were it is needed for my future endeavors. Again I truly enjoyed you and your class. Thanks for everything!!” – Natalie Cole

“I just want to say that I enjoyed your class and you will be one of those professors that I will remember and one who has actually inspired me. Thanks again for the best semester in my college journey.” – Drucilla Thompson

“Dr. Brown I just wanted to say that I will truly miss you and your class. I can honestly say I am so very glad that I took you based on a recommendation from Ralph Small!! I could truly tell that you are passionate about what you do because your spunk and energy when teaching is AWESOME & very motivational!! So continue to teach with that fire because I know it was great for me!! Thank you for all the feedback on my enterprise story and everything else during the course of the semester!” – Natalie Cole

“Thanks for the thorough and detailed feedback.  I shared it with a coworker also taking classes and she said she would die for such great feedback from her professor! Lol” – Monique Savage

“Love what you do with the U of M, interatively-speaking, by the way. The department would be lost without you.” – John Martin

“Just some encouragement that if you work hard and keep it up, you get REWARDED! I had the FOOD NETWORK contact me on my beat blog a couple of days ago. They have a show about food trucks that is coming to Memphis on Saturday, and they want to interview me and get me to help on the show! HOW COOL! I am also up to 30-60 page views a day!” – Shannon Little

“I cannot even tell you how much I enjoyed your class this semester! I think every student at the university could benefit greatly from the class. I hope it continues, and I will cross my fingers for a social media II… Hahaa 🙂 Hopefully, I will be in another class of yours in the future as well! Thanks for a great first semester!” – Andrea LeTard

“This class has taught me so much about social media, advertising, public relations and everything journalism. Our hands on experience in social media really helped me to connect to the world more than I would on a normal bases. Now that I am more in tuned to social media, I am starting to notice everything that comes about in social media….thanks for a great class.” – Walter Smith

“I’ve become completely invested in my blog and definitely plan to keep it going even though the class has ended. It really is a great way to get my material out there. When I first started the class, I rarely used Twitter and had about 5 followers. Now I have 75 (which still isn’t a WHOLE lot, but is leaps and bounds beyond where I was,) and the majority of them are people in the fashion world and other fashion bloggers. My biggest goal in my career is to work at a fashion magazine, and this blog I believe is a real stepping stone towards that dream, and I am eternally grateful to you for making me start it! I got a lot out of your class and thoroughly enjoyed it!” – Jessica Pickett

“On another note, I just wanted to stay thanks so much for teaching this class – it was really comprehensive and challenging, and I know I’ll use all of the skills I learned over the course of the semester in my future career. Please do not hesitate to call on me for back-up if the department tries to lay the ax down on it – I’d be happy to write a letter in support of keeping it in the curriculum if you think that would help. Thanks again for everything!” – Ashley Akin

“I learned SO MUCH from this class, it’s been such a ride since the beginning of the semester. I never understood quite how useful all of the tools that I had heard of regarding social media could be, and this course really just opened up a lot of doors for me. From Foursquare to blogging, to Flickr, to LinkedIn, I’ve really become so much stronger in my online presence, and I’ve become so much more confident in my web and social media abilities. Especially in journalism now, so many employers and companies are looking for the “web edge” and this course really gives students that edge and that knowledge. I think this course has so much to offer to students and I really hope that the department administration understand that and let you expand and develop more social-media based content for students. It is so important for journalism professionals – and you have so much knowledge to offer students. It would be a shame if they didn’t recognize that.” – Ashley Wislock

“Thank you for all your help this semester. J4801 has been my favorite class thus far in undergrad, and I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons. Unfortunately, I won’t have a chance to take any of your other classes as I have to finish up my PR sequence to graduate, but I certainly hope to keep in touch. If there’s ever anything I can do to help you, a class of yours, or a future student of yours, don’t hesitate to ask.” – Preston McClellan

“Your obvious passion for journalism, social media and teaching is contagious and made it incredibly easy to do the assignments (that didn’t really feel like assignments.) I spent the majority of this semester working on things for your class, because I wanted to. I am pretty slow to try out new technology and really appreciated the push each week in having to explore Foursquare, Yelp, etc. — things that I now use often. It’s very easy to get stuck in one niche, and this class made me experiment with things, especially video and mapping, that I would have never done by myself. The final project allowed me to get all my thoughts out of my head and store them some place that I can look back at whenever I want. I’m sorry for writing this little novella, but I really loved this class and will obviously share my opinions about having it become a regular part of the curriculum. From my experiences in the journalism department here, you are a breath of fresh air. As a student, it is wonderful to go to a class where the professor is so excited about the subject matter and cares about the students. I know I speak for everyone, grad and undergrad, when I say that I really appreciate all of the time and energy you put into this class. :)Thank you!” – Rachelle Pavelko

“Not trying to suck up here, although it is going to seem as such. Honestly just wanted to thank you very much for offering this class. I have truly learned more in this intense course than I can ever recall learning in a single other class (with the possible exception of Dr. Thrall’s Land Use class back in the day, which gave me material I used for ten years afterwards). I have enjoyed this class immensely, despite having a lot of difficulty trying to keep up and catch up. I have raved about it so much back in my department, in fact, that my boss would like me to try to schedule you to offer a social media technical training workshop to our nonprofit grantees in our next fiscal year. We are working out budgets now to try to be able to offer payment for faculty to offer 1-2 hr workshops. Would that be something you might be interested in? By sharing what I learned in your class, I have managed to convince a lot of social media haters to come on board, let me create new sites for them, and my boss even now uses TweetDeck to oversee my efforts or manage her own for 4 Twitter accounts, 3 Facebook pages, and 2 blogs (she didn’t even have a Facebook account previously!!) And, your focus on how social media can be used for social change and restructuring the powewr structures of political and cause campaigns, has helped me clarify what I am interested in doing more than I can say. I am so glad I took your course! I think what you are teaching is incredibly important. Thank you again.” – Gayla Schaefer